Thursday, 3 May 2012

Heart Burst!............. Part 1

I should have abundant myself in any isolated island and live there.. Yes I think I should do that…

I did not ask for anything but only understanding and endless love. Why now I felt like the love isn’t there anymore.. is it really true I’m not doing anything.. isn’t it me thinking every seconds of you.. isn’t it me rush from one point to another point in life, work, or anything just for you… holding on anything and show the strongest part just for you.. keep all the sorrow and pain just to not let you knew how much I hurt inside.. coz I cant bear to see you worried sick about me..

I guess all the answer is NO… coz no one can do better than you or any other girl.. likewise said, others can do better than me.. what I did is talking.. no action… maybe it is time for me…. It is not me who belong there, in your heart…

Really is it not me… its hurt.. totally hurt… but this is not about me.. I only care about people I love the most.. it never about me… as long as my love is happy, it is ok with me to hurt..

Only one thing I wish to say, in case you haven’t aware yet… I LOVE U WITH ALL OF MY HEART.. until you said it is done between us, I will be here.. coz I don’t know where else I belong to be..

p/s: should start google on the island…….. any suggestion??