Monday, 31 October 2011

Song of The Week

We meet again folks! New week... New coming month.. And we are towards end of 2011.
I'm wishing u all happy and great week ahead! May God bless us...

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Gadget Review - Ear Force Bravo by Turtle Beach

End of the week after the car towing case in Uptown, we went to Gamer’s Hideout, Cineleisure, nearby to The Curve, Ikano and Ikea at Mutiara Damansara. After a while of observation and thinking not just twice, we decide to buy the Limited Edition of Modern Warfare 3, Ear Force Bravo by Turtle Beach. 

It is a wireless headset designed compatibly for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The headset is a limited edition for the incoming games of Modern Warfare 3 that would be launch at 8th November 2011 (myBoo said Gamer’s Hideout will hold a midnight launch at Gamer’s Hideout One Utama). Here is few snapshot of the headset. 
Limited Edition Modern of Warfare 3


The Headset
Owh… retail price for this headset is MYR759.

An Afternoon at Uptown Damansara

One day in Village Park, myBoo and I in deep conversation about pro and cons of buying headset for his Xbox set. While we enjoying our meal (his Nasi Lemak Daging Rendang, mine Soto Ayam and additional Toast Bread), we couldn't realize something really up out of the restaurant.

Me: Do u really think u need the headset? Keperluan or kehendak? (need coz u really use it or its just u want it)
myBoo: I use it while playing games. Playing Gears of War 3 much better and the feels are inside when u used headset. Besides it is Ear Force Bravo, Limited Edition Modern Warfare 3 sayang... by Turtle Beach.
(I feel a bit dizzy there trying to remembering those headset names)
Me: Ok... I don't mind actually. It is up to u. if u think the headset is worth with the price, I am fine with it. What is the specification and all, u study that later sayang.
myBoo: Okkkkkk sayang!!  (*smug face)

Waiter: Abang... Abang... MPPJ towing truck outside. Watch out your car!
Me & myBoo: What??

We are shocked, of coz, we parked our car illegally outside the premises coz in Uptown, and everyone does that. Parking was limited.
myBoo walked out, trying to save the car. I went to the window and took a peek.

Me: OMG!!! The towing truck is right in front of myBoo's car! and where is he??

I saw myBoo walk steadily to his car despite the fact that the towing truck is ready to 'snatch' his car!

Me: Can't he run and save us MYR300 before the towing truck tow his car?? (*sigh)

I almost scream in the restaurant. Fortunately, we are save that day. Hehehe… the towing truck went away and snatch out one Mercedes Benz. Unlucky for myBoo as he has to park the car two block away from the restaurant and walk back under the hot sun. 

Seize the day~~

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Movie Review – Real Steel

Finally last Tuesday night, I managed to get myself and myBoo (paid by us) ticket movies of Real Steel (erghh…. After almost two weeks in cinema.. too bad for us). The cinema was packed with audience and since Wednesday is a public holiday for Malaysia, Pavilion KL was jammed pack with people hanging out after work (coz I see those still wearing works’ attire.. hehehe).
Real Steel
Synopsis: A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future where the sport of boxing has gone high-tech, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.

Let’s talk about the movie! I’m giving away 4.5 stars out of 5 stars for the brilliant entertainment from Shawn Levy. The film is based in part on the 1956 short story "Steel" by Richard Matheson. It is full of energy till there are times I can’t laid back and relax but I was very spiritually wanna be along in the arena and threw some fit to Zeus or Farra Lemcova. You can found love, hatred, will of surviving in life and lots of morality in this film. It’s not just offer u some action from the robot, but Max and Atom shown some strive and never give up attitude.
Note: I will watch this movie again, for the second time, sometimes next week. So I encourage everyone to watch this movie… simply bcoz this movie is good. Till then~~

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Song of The Week

Hiyaaaaaaaa…. I know its already Tuesday, I breached my normal ‘Song of the Week’ on Monday weekly. My apologize for the lateness; I’m not well since last weekend. Yesterday is the sleeping day for me.
Enjoice this… hope this week will bring joyous and prosperous, much better than past weeks.

p/s: I’m wishing all my Indians’ friends and whoever read this that celebrate Diwali, Happy Diwali from Tales of an Asian Lady.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Movie Review – Paranormal Activity 3

According to actual plan, yesterday is the day we supposed to watch Real Steel. Unfortunately, when we approached the ticketing booth, the movie still not released for free viewing (coz we won the free ticket, we have to have until GSC announce it with asterisk (*) in the newspaper… mind myself to be alert!). Even though I already GSC the day before and the customer service girl said I can come and watch the movie yesterday, but fate not at our side. Try again next week I guess!
So we move on to next movie in the list, Paranormal Activity 3. Luckily it already in the cinema, else I’ll be very disappointed. We watched the first and second movie of Paranormal Activity. So the third movie, is exciting me. It is continuity of the first two films which brings us back to 18 years ago, on year of 1988. Where the audience was brought up by the cause or on how and where it was started. My advice, u has to watch the first two films then only u watch the third. Believe me; this film was not going to disappointed u.
Paranormal Activity 3
The story started with Katie delivers a box of old video tapes to her sister Kristi and her husband Daniel in 2005. Later when Kristi and Daniel's house has been trashed, Daniel discovers the tapes have been taken. Back in 1988, a young Katie and Kristi live with their mother Julie, and her boyfriend Dennis, who has a job videotaping weddings. Kristi begins interacting with an imaginary friend named Toby. Dennis and Julie notice that since Kristi's friend appeared, strange things have happened in the house. The climax of this story is when Julie, Dennis, Katie and Kristi went back to Julie’s mother house. There Dennis and Julie was ‘died tragically’ and Katie and Kristi later was raised by their grandmother.

I said ‘died tragically’ with an apostrophe (‘__‘) is because their death is cause by Toby. Who I believe along the plot is trying to marrying Kristi. Yes it sounds like…. err….. cheesy?? But it is true.. we can’t see ghost folks! And that’s all about paranormal, things that we can’t see. This film will make your heart beats twice faster than normal. Towards the end of the movie, honestly I closed my eyes through it and scream a lot… hahahaha… from 5 stars; I give this movie 4 star. Thumb up! I will wait for the fourth movie (if any). Till then~~

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mid-day Mood… Fullest to Life!!

I came back from lunch… weather very hot, and I’m hotter when I saw my car which I sent to carwash (below my office) still got dirt and my shoes all tunggang-langgang (messy). But soon enough I was cool down bcoz I received this courier which I’ve waited for a week!! Yieehhaaaaaaaaa… finally I got my ticket for Real Steel movie courtesy from Thanks!!
Letter from
Tickets of Real Steel *wink
The story is, last two weeks as usual I listen to online when I came across this competition, SMS for a movie ticket. That time they were giving away two movie tickets of Real Steel where I and myBoo already listed it in our movie watching listing. So I just try my luck, send an SMS and BOOM! I won it… I couldn’t even believe it coz not once in my life I ever win anything (from the radio lah.. hehe).. Within seconds I already yell it to myBoo and my sissy bout it.. hahahaha… funny..
I’m going to watch it tomorrow after work (hopefully). Wait for my review! Till then~~

Movie Review – 1911

Hi all… it’s been awhile since my last post. Sorry for the busy days, all mixed up, work, family, relation, friends, emotionally mixed up too. But I’m ok, slowly keeping my life back into track.
Despite the chaos, I manage to get some time with myBoo to watch latest movie by Jackie Chan, titled 1911. Frankly to me, the number itself (1911) brings a significant to my life. And since this is a 100th movie by Jackie Chan, I don’t want to miss it.
Jackie Chan's 100th Movie - 1911
We watched it on Saturday, at GSC Pavilion KL. The movie is a historical piece of The 1911 Revolution or also known as Xinhai Revolution. Co-stars include Chan's son Jaycee Chan, Li Bingbing, Winston Chao, Joan Chen and Hu Ge. The movie filming was taken place at Fuxin, Liaoning. It’s a war film, so no one could expect a kung fu battle here. From 5 stars, I would give this movie 2.5 star.
Synopsis: At the beginning of the 20th century, China is in a state of crisis. The country is split into warring factions, the citizens are starving, and recent political reforms have made matters worse, not better. The ruling Qing Dynasty, led by a seven-year-old emperor, and his ruthless mother, Empress Dowager Longyu (Joan Chen) is completely out of touch after 250 years of unquestioned power.
With ordinary citizens beginning to revolt openly, the Qing Dynasty has created a powerful, modern army (the "New Army") to quash any rebellion. But weapons are expensive, and desperate for cash, the Qing leaders are trading anything they can get their hands on with foreign countries… and selling China's future in the process.
Huang Xing (Jackie Chan) has recently returned from Japan, where he has studied the art of modern warfare. When he finds his country falling apart, he feels he has no choice but to pick up the sword, leading an increasingly desperate series of violent rebellions against the powerful Qing Dynasty and the New Army- several with tragic consequences.
From the walls of the Forbidden City to the battlefields of China, with no expense spared in production and no detail ignored in its quest for historical accuracy, 1911 is a true epic in every sense of the word.
At the eve of the Qing dynasty, Western powers exerted their spheres of influence and the resulting trade imbalance endangered the entire country. From the 1840 Opium War onward, Western Imperialists extended their control on Chinese soil. While parts of China were ruled by the feudal Qing court, other parts were administered as foreign colonies. Yet the Qing court continued to concede to foreign demands: the Manchus gave up land and control while exercising dictatorial powers over the Chinese people, creating great stress and strain on various social strata. The Western powers abused the Qing court to the extent that China was literally being overwhelmed, which alarmed many.
At the same time, Chinese people began to benefit from capitalism: business people accumulated wealth and a national consciousness on the political and economic front, reflecting the Chinese people's wish to be autonomous and their desire to live in a democratic society. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Chinese intellectual world had become aware of revolution and democracy and various organizations were established to promote these ideals: Xingzhonghui (Revive China Society), Huaxinghui (China Revival Society), Kexuebuxisuo (Science Night School) and Guangfuhui (Restoration League). On August 20, 1905, the Tongmenghui (Chinese Revolutionary Alliance) was established and Sun Yat-sen proclaimed its founding principles: "Repel the Tatar barbarians, revive China, establish a republic, and divide land equally." Tongmenghui's founding signaled a new revolutionary phase in the political development of China.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Song of The Week

A very good morning to all~~
Wishes all the best and have a great week ahead!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Rainy Thursday...

I’m sitting here, at my workplace… trying to figure out what was lying on my pc, and all the numbers seems blurry. Phone calls, people talk all was like inexistence. I feel vulnerable. Lonely. Cold. Damp in my own tears. Looking at the photo of someone special. Talking to it. Unfortunately, no one can hear it. I’m just talking on my own. Is the bitter-sweet between us really needs to end here? Aren’t those fairytales should be ending with ‘happily ever after’? ya, I forgot… that’s how its end in the fairytales. But I’m not one of those, I’m just human being.. Who worked with a numbers everyday, middle-class career woman, who got nothing to give or offered anymore... Heartbroken. I wish I could stand outside, let the rain wash the tears. Hope the rain can shed everything gone from me. Even I know it wouldn’t. It just can’t simply like that. I can’t.
Will it be same like before? Will I smile and laugh and cry the same way? It feels so wrong. But it feels so right. But I know it is wrong.

I hope u hear what’s in the deep of your heart said…

Needed Say More…

Sometimes, things are better left unsaid…

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Story of Yesterday

Hiyaaa…. Yesterday, early morning I was in Hospital Sungai Buloh, sending my dad for his checkup. Tagged along was my mum. I was fully armed with iPod and novels and 1001 circumstances on what could and would happen while we were there. Ok I know it’s too much and prejudice but I had enough experienced before at Hospital Putrajaya (same… sending my dad for his checkup) where me, my mum and sissy waited for a day (until I can absorbed all the staff’s name, pamphlet, organization chart and what-so-ever they putting on the wall) and lastly they said my dad was OK and can go back home. Sadly, I keep asking them since my dad admitted at morning for an update, whether we need to wait or can we go back for a moment then come back later (my bro house is nearby) but no one could give me exact answer. Either ‘not sure’ or ‘I will check for u’. Note: they come back and said ‘not sure about his condition but we will check’. So I’m trying not to be narrow-minded about this round, things changed right! We reach there 720am, wait until 830am only the doctor comes in. plus minus the entire checkup, scan everything around 915am all completed. Thank God! Heading to the cafĂ© we had breakfast before make a move headed hometown. See, things changed. Hahaha…
My dad was very excited. Reaching home, he changed cloth and get some young coconut for our lunch. Haha… it tastes very good, not like the one we can get from pasar malam or restaurant. Freshly pluck from the tree. After rest for a few hours, I headed back to KL. Dinner with myBoo at Hartamas, our a-must-go restaurant where we ranked as the best lamb biryani. Actually we were hesitate for a first since last two visits there we are disappointed with the quality and quantity of the lamb biryani. But we give it a go, last call we said. It’s not wasted the journey from home there with all the traffics, coz it comes back to the taste like what we had for the very last 2 years! We are fully recommended lamb biryani here at Spicy Restaurant, opposite Burger King in Hartamas. It is affordable. Total our dinner, lamb biryani + roti canai + watermelon juice + teh tarik + can drink is only MYR25.
Lamb Biryani served with Papadom
Fluffy colored rice on top of spicy lamb

p/s: I need to really goes into tight diet…. Arghhhh…

Monday, 10 October 2011

Movie Review – The Three Musketeers

Haaa… I got a lot to write, but not much time to do it. Huhu… while I’m a bit free now, I’ll settle this review as well before it drag and bother my mind! Hehe…
Ok. This is really fresh from oven!
Last Saturday, as usual the main character here is me and myBoo, went for movie watching session at GSC One Utama. This time we opted for The Three Musketeers.  Wachaaaa~~ opss… sorry! Wrong sound effect… hehehe..

The Three Musketeers 2011
Story of The Three Musketeers (interpretation from novel of The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas of 1844) is about the hot-headed young D'Artagnan (Logan Lerman) along with three former legendary, Athos (Matthew MacFayden), Porthos (Ray Stevenson) and Aramis (Luke Evans), but now down on their luck Musketeers must unite and defeat a beautiful double agent, Milady de Winter (Mila Jovovich) and her villainous employer from seizing the French throne and engulfing Europe in war. Milady works for both France’s Cardinal Richelieu (Christoph Waltz) and England’s Duke of Buckingham (Orlando Bloom). In the earlier scene, Milady was betrayed the musketeers in order to get scroll of war machines from the bunk located in Venice that should be given to France, but Milady sold the scroll to Duke of Buckingham.
Novel by Alexander Dumas 1844

This is a remake of 1948, 1973 and 1993 version. For me, this film is enjoyable but not so amused me. Out of 5, I will give these movie 3 stars. And I recommend everyone to watch this movie. Just to sit, lay back, relax and enjoy it. Happy watching y’all!

Movie Review – The Sorcerer and the White Snake

A couple weeks ago, I and myBoo went for a movie watching of latest film by Jet Li, The Sorcerer and the White Snake at GSC Pavilion KL. Frankly, the main reason we watch the movie bcoz of Jet Li. And it’s quite sometimes we watch Chinese movie since Ip Man 2.

The Sorcerer and the White Snake

The Sorcerer and the White Snake stories about White Snake (Eva Huang), in the incarnation of a beautiful lady, fall in love with a young herbalist Xu Xian (Raymond Lam). With the help of Green Snake (Charlene Choi), she ventured into the human world and got married to Xu Xian. In a twist of event, Fa Hai (Jet Li), a sorcerer from Jin Shan Temple, crosses path with White Snake. Fa Hai is on ghost hunting with his assistant, Nen Reng (Wen Zhang). This story is based on the Chinese Legend of the White Snake 

The movie was not disappointing us. It was good, and some parts were hilarious! Everyone in the movie was roaring with laughter when Nen Reng turned himself into bat after his battle with demon of bat that was attacking a village. And also there a scene where the demons from White and Green Snake camouflage themselves as their parents and family members in order for White Snake and Xu Xian to get married. It was cute (for me it’s cute…. Hehe) to see how animals turn themselves into human but still keeps some of their animal’s habits! Hahahaha… the only thing is a lot of CGI where I think it makes the battles looked…. FAKE! Ok I know it is a movie, but still I wanted something more realistic.
Overall, I will encourage everyone to go and watch this movie.. Till then~~

Song of The Week

Something to brighten your day. Hope this week bring joy and excitement to all.. love~

Thursday, 6 October 2011

How I Become Me?..... – Part #2

Continuous from post How I Become Me?..... – Part #1, here I am rambling about Part #2.
My journey after graduate to working life isn’t as much as I expected I should turn to be. I always wanted to be a doctor… or at least I want to work in that industry. But I also realized that I have to be realistic, life isn’t all about what we want or how we draft it should be. It’s how u manage to make yourself success and comfortable in your very own ways. So I let it go… I let the dreams go but I still have the courage in my heart. Yes, the courage of helping out people. That’s the reason of why I wanted to be a doctor, helping people. There is much to do if we really keen on that, so many way to do it.
My journey started six month after graduation. I’m working as admin clerk, receptionist at one of software’s provider company. There was two months contract. After contract ended, I move on into new field, totally different from what I learn during college or university, but I enjoy it. Simply becoz I love math. I love numbers. At first it was like I’m trying to fill myself with some new experience but at last I really fall in love with it. I learn a lot. Starting from scratch makes me stronger, mentally and physically. I left the company after two years, move to another company. That time I was looking for something new, fresh, and ofcoz good salary. But I move again after eight months. These time really a big mistake. I hate to say it as mistakes coz still for me it is good thing learn even it lasted less than four months. And I was hoping I found something I could settle to.
Now four years has gone since I stand on the stage, receiving my scroll with proud. Here I am, going to eight month working here. At first thing goes well. As usual I only mind my business. Not that I don’t know how to makes friend but I did try, it just seems like I’m not welcome here. I’m holding on tightly but again, I’m floating in the sea of uncertainties. I have to be strong for many reasons. And I know I’m strong enough to face this. If before this the pressure is come from work load, now it comes from human … I can take pressure. Pressure makes me stress, yes it is. But in good way it makes adrenaline move, heart beats twice faster and much important I like it when the result comes out good. Now I really can’t understand how human affected my work. Keep thinking, why this happened to me? Why me? Why this why that… but I take it positive. It’s a change. A new ways of me to find another road to new experience, it is education, knowledge. It’s all about it. Learning curve while I’m living in it. I love to say and will keep saying this ‘things will get better’… InsyaAllah…
Till then~


Somehow my heart trying to tell something to me… how I feel right now. Seems like everything is dark, bitter… but I know eventually, the darkness will gone and lights will lead my journey back to the normal path. Decision has been made. I only hope this is the right choice for this time being. Au revoir~

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Another One!

Dear Apple,

I found another flavor of Gardenia Delicia Waffle… I’ll eat this for u OK? Don’t be sad, surely I’ll buy for your engagement day coming soon. In the meantime, here is for ‘eyes teaser’.

Gardenia Delicia Waffle in Blueberry


p/s: don’t kill me!............ hahahahahahahaha

Monday, 3 October 2011

Manic Monday~~

Hey… I came to office very early today (read: an hour before actual working hour starts). Don’t know what to do or where to start, that’s how Monday’s going. Hehe… in fact, my office was still empty and the Aunty Cleaner look at me with amazement like ‘what the heck is she’s doing here very early and yet I’m still cleaning her desk!’… Yes she is still cleaning my desk. Hahaha… she’s only clean, no matter how she turned my small toys upside down, she won’t bother to keep them the way I organized it before. So it’s my job to re-organize everyday I came in. phew~~

What shall I do? To start work, yes that’s in my mind but looks like I have to deferred it since the server is down again… connection is so slow until I was unable to just send an email to myBoo. So here I am, writing my rambling on blog. Hahaha… its refreshing even no one ever could talk it back to me.. hehe… with a bottle of warm water, I read news online (wonder why internet connection is good while I can’t access my office server.. ofcoz it is different, I aware of that.. just…….. nevermind.. haha..) then trying to restart my computer twice… at the third attempt, connection is back.. Thank God! I manage to do some work…

Yesterday I went back to hometown right after Subuh prayers, sending my parents after a week they stayed in Kuala Lumpur for makan-makan session at my bro house… upon arrived at hometown, gosh!! That monkeys ransacked whole house. Sigh~ so it took around two hours for me (alone ya, my parents go to kenduri rewang) to clean up all the mess, sweeping, do some laundry, cleaning bathroom. That time I was fully aware that my parents’ house was big.. hahaha… tiring… late afternoon I drive back to KL, traffic jam at the small town.. Couldn’t believe it.. After three hours, I reached home. Phew~ it’s like a long weekend to me… here started the new week to brave to… hope everything is nice, smooth and happy week for me and all who read this! Till then~

Song of The Week

Hiyaaa.... Good morning!!