Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ronda-ronda – Aquaria KLCC

Last couple of weeks, we are having the most dreadful thinking of where to go, what to see, anything to buy, just to fulfill our needs of getting out and have some fun. We covered all shopping mall exists in Klang Valley, National Museum, Zoo Negara.. where else?? Yet this idea comes to our mind…. Aquaria KLCC!!

Honestly, this is my 3rd time here.. I’ve been in Aquaria twice before; 1st visit with my entire family member, 2nd me as a tourist guide for my younger cousin where I left him in the Aquaria with my nephew while I'm enjoying window shopping with my mum. Hehehe… but this is the 1st visit for myBoo.

The admission fee is MYR35 per person for MyKad holder, while for foreign tourist it is MYR45. Located in KLCC, a walking distance from Petronas Twin Tower, u will find warm welcome there by the staffs and there is photo session before the entrance. We are puzzled at 1st but since they said it is for momentos, why not rite… later we found out that our photo session earlier was printed nicely and put in the sort of keychain, with frame.. and sold to us for MYR35..

When speak of Aquaria, we know Aqua is related to water, where immediately we will think of fish or any species that live in the water. So does this place. Uniquely, it is not just fish, turtle, jellyfish or seahorse; they also have reptiles in the house. The main attraction here is the Oceanarium, 90m transparent tunnel with a moving walkaway that take u passing by Sand Shark, Eel, Turtle, Stingray and shaols of other fishes.

There are so many thing to explore here… do pay yourself a visit. U will not regret it. Here are our ‘catch of the day’. Enjoice~~

From top right; bookmark, keychain, fridge magnet and our photo put nicely in booklet and keychain
p/s: coming up in the making is entry of our 1000km journey as I mention before here.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My New Nikon DSLR D3100

This is my new Nikon DSLR D3100 !!! Getting into DSLR world now :) This 14.2 MP DLSR camera is an entry level DLSR which is suitable for the DLSR first time user.  Included in the box is AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm VR lens. As an entry level DSLR, it has the Guide Mode which helps the first time user to choose a quick setting for a suitable scenario and condition before shoot a picture. In terms of functionality, I can say it has a very user friendly features and button. Even without reading the User's manual, you still can get the short brief for each option details with click on (?) button. Ofcourse, recommended advise by Popular Photography Magazine after get your first DSLR is to read the manual thoroughly. Usually, we can find most of the answer for the technical questions and terms in the manual. Make our life easier if we know what is the function for the each feature in the cameras. Then, will save us some time to shoot a very beautiful and fantastic pictures.

Some of the unboxing pictures to share with (shot with my Blackberry camera, not with DSLR) :
The Box

The contents
Nikon DLSR Bag (A free gift)
 The contents:
* Nikon D3100 camera
* AF-S DX Nikkor 18-55mm VR lens
* Rechargeable Li-ion battery
* Battery Charger
* Strap
* Accessory shoe cover
* Rubber cup
* Eyepiece cap
* Ferrite core
* ViewNX2 CD
* Quick Start Guide
* User's Manual
* Warranty
As a complimentary gift, I brought home with me a very nice Nikon DSLR bag, San Disk 8GB SD card and tripod. 

If you are looking for an upgrade to DLSR, this model is one of the entry level you should consider.

Till then...

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

2012 Goal to Achieve

2011 just remain four (4) days… 2012 is just round the corner. As many of other people, wishes and hope are same. May the coming year bring joy, prosperous and good health.

I listed here my wish and will for the coming 2012, may God made this easier for me…

  1. New job – I need changes on my job and work on something that more close to my heart and a real work-life balance (that I’ve been wanting for the past two (2) years) and work on something that I like, let say, going back to outsourcing industry.. Work with reputable company with better environment and ofcoz better pay check…
  2. Lost weight – sounds funny, yeahh… but I really am trying to shed at least 5kg or more. Good will need it… and courage… and ofcoz better health..
  3. Get a house for myself and live independently…
  4. Not to spend on something that I didn’t really use it i.e. any gadget, shoes and handbags (I need to stop it for time being coz theres no room to keep it though but I will when I get more space of my own)
  5. Complete my travel around Malaysia and perhaps starting on my own Asian country travel log.
That’s it!... there more to come I think but that’s my priority. An early wishes for all reader. Happy New Year 2012~~

p/s: Yes I heard u Apple… married.. it is on top list in my heart but it is not something I as a woman to speak of. Best to wait for the man to decide on it. hehehehe..... when the times come... ;)

Monday, 26 December 2011

Song of The Week – Merry Christmas!!

It is not too late for myBoo and I to wishes all reader of Tales of An Asian Lady Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday… Enjoy the moment of gathering with family and loves one. May God bless ya’ll..

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Blogger & Blackberry – Part 1

As yesterday me and myBoo talk about camera, modern versus old skool… the conversation however didn’t end there. As I realized that maybe sooner I will see myself or myBoo tagging along a camera with us, so today I’m showing my collection (daaa… like it was so great.. hahaha) taken by my Blackberry and his Blackberry too….

"Hey... dont take my photo la aunty!" (my niece trying to grab BB)

Where should I start looking my files~ LOL

Comot... what are u staring at??

Tea time @Gulam Mee

Peace @Teh Tarik Place

Chap-Ling.... gimme back my ring!!
p/s: all photo in every posting previously was taken by Blackberry camera.. hehehe…

My Chap-Ling

Chap-Ling is my little sheep… his stomach is so full now.. what shall I do??

Oppss... my stomach can't keep it all...
p/s: Chap-Ling named after Malay word: “chapang – his ears are wide” + “juling – his eyes squint”... hahahaha..

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Camera oh Camera…..

Busy with work… phone ringing from client.. gloomily looking out from the window, watching the drizzling rain. Must be traffic bad again as usual, my thought.
My YM buzzing…..

myBoo: Last time u said your sis buy DSLR right? Canon? Nikon?
Me: Hmm… not sure but I think Canon. I saw my bro-in-law hold it when I went back to hometown  last time. Why sayang?
myBoo: Suddenly I felt like I wanna have one…. Hehehe
Me: hahaha… buy la if u like it.. but make sure u use it.. else wasting money..
myBoo: Since blogging with u, I think I need it.. pics we take using BB not so good in quality..
Me: I’m fine with it.. go on and buy..
myBoo: D3100, Nikon.. the one we saw the advertisement in cinema.. 14MP.. full HD movie…
Me: oooo…. (‘google’ing what’s the meaning of Boo’s saying)
Me: If it comes handy, worth the penny, why not.. we can use it let say until five years more or even more..
myBoo: hehehe…

Silent fills in for sometimes….

Me: But does u remember the shop in Pavilion KL? The one I had hands on Polaroid camera?
myBoo: Polaroid? Which one…
Me: The one that we snap then immediately the photo comes out..
myBoo: wooo… that’s old skool..
Me: I like it.. I like vintage.. hehehe
myBoo: Then u can have it… we’ll go and survey both camera..
Me: (giggling)

D3100 Nikon

Monday, 19 December 2011

My 2012 Wish List - Part 1

Since 2012 is coming in. There are few items that coming into my mind which probably i will acquire it in 2012. Here are some of my 2012 wish list (for start at least) :

1. Air Jordan 1 Retro High

2. Oakley Wind Jacket

3. Nikon CoolPix AW100

4. Cube Fritzz SL

5. Incipio BlackBerry Torch 9860 Predator Silicone Case with Polycarbonate Frame

Till then...

Song of The Week

Sunday, 18 December 2011


As I was lying in my bed now, trying to catch my eyes into sleep, my work came flashing into my mind. Why would I? Coz tomorrow is Monday again… time to work. But I’m quite fond to wait for this weekend. Mainly coz;
  1. I work only four (4) days this week. I'm done with my payroll so what left is only the HR thingy
  2. I’m going on journey to the northern Malaysia to celebrate my BFF engagement, Apple..
  3. In separately, I’m going on short trip to release the stress over 2011 and explore new place with my love
May our journey be safe all the way, going and back. May the ceremony goes well. May everything run smoothly along the vacation. Pray goes to Merciful Allah. God bless…

Good night to all…

Nightingale sing a lullaby song… have a sweet dream.. may tomorrow bring joys and prosperous throughout days and week ahead.

Food Review – Restoran Shahira

Yesterday is the shop-till-I-drop day (I am.. looking at the contained of my tote bag and MYR that left in my purse)… I supposed to go with Apple (she wants to do her final shopping before her engagement) but she get caught to baby-sitting her uncle’s daughter so I make a detour and get myBoo to accompany me. Hahaha… I laugh coz I know he will not like the ideas of getting sweat in the always-jam-packed-with-people in KL heaven’s shopping street, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Masjid India. Precisely the place is not a shopping mall, it just a street selling local bargain where I always get my tudung and kain pasang for baju kurung here.

The idea of him tagging me bcoz of this place, Restoran Shahira located in Jalan Melayu along the way to Jalan Masjid India. This restaurant is our favourite place for lunch when we work around there last time. Sentimental a bit, looking over our path of love (erkk….. please bear with me). The biryani, tandoori and naan never disappointing. Even we keep gushing over it whenever we had tandoori at other place. Therefore, a chance to be around the area would not be missed.

We get our shopping done quickly, so by 1230pm we already in the restaurant. It never change, that’s what we thought. The cook, the restaurant layout, everything all same. Only the waiter did change one or two person. We ordered biryani, chicken tandoori, naan cheese and Ayam Masala. Even I had to waited for 15 minutes for the Ayam Masala (they still cook it when we arrive there) but it worth. The chicken was tender and the gravy was delicious, not too sweet, and not too hot. The tandoori were crispy outside and juicy once u put it in your mouth. It will always be our favourite place of tandoori. Owh…. Writing this entry makes my mouth watering. Gonna get myself warm water to drink (I can’t eat, its late night and I’m on diet….. hehe… trying to). Till then~~

Cooling down in the hot day
Briyani come with Dhal Gravy (top right), Curry (right), Pickles (down)
Briyani rice with raisins and cashew nut on top
Chicken Tandoori
Naan Cheese
Ayam Masala