Thursday, 11 October 2012

Runaway Maid

ALERT! This post may contain inappropriate word. Not suitable for those underage. And please be informed that this post is not amusing despite of the title.

Please be alert to people out there, in Kuala Lumpur perhaps all over Klang Valley.

Wirda Nurvita Laila
Note: Her name can be differ. But the mark on the face couldn't be mistake! 

On Monday 8th October 2012, my family Indonesian maid has run from our home in Ampang, Selangor. Her duty with our family is mostly just cleaning. Yup u hear me right, we paid her to clean and stayed with my mom in our hometown, Kuala Selangor, whereas we will come back every weekend. Occasionally we will bring our mom to KL and of course the maid will tag along.

Let me tell u how luxury is the maid for working with us.
-         she come to us with just a small school bag (I bet my niece’s school bag is much more bigger than her bag).. but she runaway with three.. yes three (3) big and full bags not include the one school bag she bring from Indonesia. Thanks to myself and my sister for giving her out seasoned cloth (mind u: it is not torn, all in perfect condition just we don’t wear it anymore coz I’m getting bigger)
-         she got her own room wherever she stay, in hometown, in KL.. with full accomodition.. free flow of soap, shampoo.. even towel when she keep ‘forgot’ to bring her own.
-         She never left out whenever we eat.. in the house or when we go outside.. there she still dare to make faces to you! Sengaja buat muka masam right in front of me when I bring my mom out for dinner in Chilis. Just because she don’t like to not have rice for dinner.. bugger right?? I really feel like slapping her face right there. Same goes when my sister bring my mom outing and shopping in Ampang Park, the maid made those bastard face coz she don’t like to walk and walk and walk (shopping kot majikan ko tu.. ko ikut jelah.. sepak kang!)
-         She wake up at 8-9am everyday.. sleep after lunch until 4pm and at night she sleep at 8pm!! We advice her, baik-baik but she still back to the habit..
-         She’s not even cooking! All the cooking my mom did.. the very ungrateful maid..

Eventually that’s not make her to think (I doubt if she ever think at all!) that she lived a luxury life here despite of story how poor is her family in Indonesia until she couldn’t afford to have chicken on the table except once a year.

She work with us for less than 3months where after a month and half she keep crying and dramatically crying begging to send her back to the agent. Her work is lousy, talks too much and won’t ever listen to you. If u asked her to chores A, she will stood there, like a dumb, and do something else!

Frankly, I’m not the one who easily and freely would like her to do any chores. If I can do by myself, I will do it.. coz the point I got her to accompany my mom and help my mother do the house chores.

Here is the chronology of her disappearance:

One month back: she keep whining and crying said she cannot work anymore, she’s been missing her son and daughter and she want to go back to the agent and going back to Indonesia.
Last week: FOMEMA test for the maid failed! She has scars in her lung, infection of TIBI!!!!
Last Sunday, 7th Oct 2012: my sister brings my mom (and her of course) to KL. We supposed to settle with Imigresen and send her back to agent on Monday. She didn’t have any clue about this. We were out for shopping on the evening and back home around 815pm.. after prayers, I come down, she already sleep at the sofa in front of TV.. I was irritated and super angry, I went to the kitchen, pre-heat the rice, dishes for dinner when my mom come down. The maid said she’s feeling unwell. My mom gave her panadol and I said to her to get her dinner before consume any medicine. After that I told her not to sleep in front of the TV and sleep in the room. God! That room is for her to sleep. Why she wants to sleep in front of TV?? Then we supposed to watch her instead of TV?? Or we don’t have any privileges to watch TV in our home just because the ungrateful maid was sleeping in front of it?? I’ll slap her face if she said so.. (if I know she will run, I surely slap her that night)..
Monday, 8th Oct 2012: I left for work.. my mom at home with her.. she’s not doing any chores.. eating breakfast and crying at the same time. Then she’s asking about road, about gate and so on at my mom.. then she’s crying again, asking her handphone from my mom saying that she missed her children.. bugger……… at 12pm she had her lunch, my mom said it is unusual since she normally eats at 1pm.. then she keep asking my mom, is it prayers time yet? It is? It is? Then my mom take a nap, she woke my mom at around 1.30pm, asking my mom to get her prayers done. My mom (normal for old folks not to delayed the prayers time) went upstairs, prays in my room.. and about 1.50pm, my mom come down and the maid gone! Gone with all her bags and also she’s stealing piggy bank with amount about RM100.00.
Monday night: she contacted agent and claimed that she’d been bullied and tortured by us. She’s suffered while working with us.

There….. the story of very ungrateful maid.

If u ever come across this women, aged around 30-40’s (even she claimed she’s 25.. fuck her!) please be careful. Medical report shown that she got TIBI and she run without any documentation with her. No passport, no permit. She is literally is ILLEGAL. Please contact IPD Ampang Jaya at 03-4252 2222 immediately. Do not hire her. She’s cunning bastard. Drama queen.

Letter to Abah…

Ara Damansara,

I’ve been thinking of u lately… why is it… mom said she keep dreaming of u.. owh I cant bear listening to her.. that bring grim lines to her face.. she missed u a lot.. we all do.. how could I let her go back alone.. she wont eat.. who would look after her..

Do u remember.. we hired a maid a week before u go.. she ran away last Monday.. we left mom and her at home, and suddenly after zohor mom discovered that she’s gone.. run away just like that.. and she claim she suffered working with our family.. haihh.. now mom will be alone until we get replacement maid.. I know she upset for not staying in our home in hometown.. but I couldn’t let her stay there alone..

There are so many thing… so so many… how Leesa keep asking to come back home and get u to the clinic.. how Ayeen occasionally calling your name.. not to mention, how badly I want u to be on my wedding..

I know that wouldn’t do.. we will hold to the facts that u will wait for us up there, in heaven we will meet again as a family.. till then we will live on with u in our heart.. we deeply missed u, Abah..


Yours Truly,

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


What did u do when u upset?

Tell the one u love….. but at last it is U who make people upset..


Keep it to yourself.

Wrote it in your blog and let anonymous read it..